Press Release 07 Oct 2021

Three Charged with Alleged Corruption for Advancing Business Interests

On 8 October 2021, three individuals will be charged in Court for alleged corruption offences, where the accused persons allegedly sought to advance the business interests of Honfoong Plastic Industries Pte Ltd (“Honfoong”) with JMS Singapore Pte Ltd (“JMS”). They are:
  1. Wong Liang Tong (“Wong”) (黄良忠, 71-year-old male Singapore Citizen), a Director of Honfoong at the material time;
  2. Toh Mui Lan (“Toh”) (卓美蓮, 61-year-old female Singapore Citizen), a Deputy Managing Partner of Honfoong at the material time; and
  3. Tea Lay Sin (“Tea”) (郑丽心, 50-year-old female Singapore Citizen), a Senior Vice President of Honfoong at the material time.

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