Ministry Of Finance
Press Release 26 May 2020

Supplementary Budget 2020 - Fortitude Budget Ministerial Statement

Dear Media Friends,

The following additional materials relating to the Fortitude Budget are attached:
1. Ministerial Statement on COVID-19 Support Measures, which was delivered in Parliament by DPM and Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat earlier today.
2. Link to Fortitude Budget Booklet []

Please note:
1. The Annexes disseminated earlier are no longer on embargo, and there’re no further changes within.
2. Pls note the final text in Para E3bi should read: 政府已收到四万八千份冠病疫情 薪金补贴的申请。政府将拨出额外八亿元,帮助更多失业和收入受影响的国人。

Thank you.

Ministry of Finance