Press Release 01 Oct 2021

Facebook post by MOS Desmond Tan on National Action Strategy on Marine Litter

Dear Editors,


1) Mr Desmond Tan, Minister of State for Sustainability and the Environment, hosted a virtual dialogue on Singapore’s National Action Strategy (NAS) on Marine Litter on 30 Sep 2021.


2) Marine litter poses a growing global challenge that requires collective and comprehensive action. The Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE) is therefore working together with relevant government agencies to develop the NAS as a framework to consolidate Singapore’s measures to address marine litter. These measures will be tailored to our context and needs, and guided by the core principles of sustainable development and a circular economy approach.


3) Yesterday’s dialogue involved 40 participants from diverse backgrounds, including academics, representatives from Institutes of Higher Learning, ground-up organisations, private and social enterprises, the public sector, and members of the public. The discussions covered the strengths and gaps in Singapore’s current approach to tackling marine litter, and how individuals, organisations and the public sector can work together to improve the situation.


4) We will review the feedback and recommendations from yesterday’s session to incorporate in the NAS and explore the implementation of feasible solutions in collaboration with relevant stakeholders. The NAS is targeted to be ready by mid-2022.


5) MOS Desmond Tan’s Facebook post on the dialogue session is for reporting, please. Link:


Thank you.


Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment

30 September 2021