Press Release 02 Dec 2021





Through North West CDC’s flagship programme, residents living in rental units within four North West Divisions will be able to select household necessities to meet their immediate needs




A care pack comprising household necessities worth around $50 will come as welcome relief to some 1,300 residents living in public rental flats under four Divisions in the North West District – Limbang, Nee Soon South, Sembawang Central and Zhenghua. As part of North West Community Development Council (CDC)’s flagship WeCare @ North West – Service Week programme, the CDC, with the support of corporate volunteers as well as grassroots organisations, will prepare and distribute the care packs based on the residents’ selection of their preferred necessities. The necessity drive on 4 Dec 2021, Saturday, signals the CDC’s intent to provide more sustained help to vulnerable residents through various types of essential items. (See Annex A for detailed media programme at Nee Soon South Division)



2                   In their customised care packs, residents can select up to eight household necessities including toiletries, household cleaning items or sanitary products for daily use. The selection has been conducted online to safeguard the health of residents, many of whom are seniors. Selecting the preferred items digitally also provides convenience as residents need not submit physical forms or step out of their homes unnecessarily. There will be two additional staple items in every care pack, reusable face masks and bar soaps, which are contributed by donors, making a total of 10 items in each care pack.


3                  Recognising the expansion of the Service Week programme, Ms Carrie Tan, Adviser to Nee Soon GRC Grassroots Organisations says: “I applaud the added element of choice in this Service Week distribution. Allowing residents to select the necessities will provide more targeted help and meet urgent household needs for residents in my Division. At the same time, it will minimise the potential wastage from providing a more generic pack of items.” (See Annex B for quotes of Grassroots Advisers at the other distribution sites)


4                   Leading up to the distribution, CDC has checked-in with residents, to ensure that those who may not be well versed with digital registration, or those who may have simply missed the letter informing of the distribution, will receive the necessary help in selecting preferred necessities. On the distribution day, volunteers from the Singapore Airlines Limited (SIA) will be supporting the distribution at Nee Soon South Division, along with Mayor Mr Alex Yam and local Grassroots Adviser Ms Carrie Tan. In engagements with residents, all CDC staff and volunteers will strictly abide by prevailing safe management measures, including: (i) capping the total volunteers at 20 per location; (ii) ensuring that a pre-assigned group of no more than 5 volunteers do not intermingle with other volunteers; and (iii) minimising physical interactions with residents.


5                   While many families have benefitted from the CDC’s assistance through Service Week and other local assistance schemes over the years, the CDC is seeking new and innovative ways to provide support in other areas, Mr Alex Yam, Mayor of North West District says, “Given the protracted nature of the pandemic, vulnerable North West residents may require more targeted and slightly extended assistance to tide them over their current situation. Through the expansion of our WeCare @ North West – Service Week efforts, we hope to provide more sustained help to our residents throughout the year, above and beyond our regular distribution drive at the start of the year, which we have run for eight years. The CDC is currently exploring other forms of assistance to help residents, which we will share in due course.” (See Annex C for profile stories of residents living in Nee Soon South Division)


6                   The care packs display the spirit of care and giving in the North West District, which the CDC has been promoting as part of its Vision to build a caring community. In addition to the Service Week programme, the CDC has been seeding a culture of giving back through the North West WeCare Fund, which encourages community partners to start ground-up initiatives using seed funding. More information about the programme can found here: (See Annex D for more NWCDC’s programmes).





Media Invitation

Media is invited to WeCare @ North West – Service Week at Nee Soon South Division on 4 December 2021. Media doorstops with the spokespersons who are present on-site, including Mayor Mr Alex Yam, Ms Carrie Tan, as well as corporate volunteers and residents of the public rental units, could be arranged. CDC could also provide photos and video footages of the distribution activities to facilitate coverage of the three other locations, which are non-media sites. See below for details of the media site.


WeCare @ North West – Service Week (Nee Soon South)

Date                : Saturday, 4 December 2021

Media arrival : 2:00pm

Venue             : Block 510A Yishun St 51 Singapore 761510

GOH              : Ms Carrie Tan, Adviser to Nee Soon GRC GROs


Requirements due to Covid-19

  1. All media are required to complete a self-administered ART test before arriving at the distribution site. Please provide a photo proof of the negative results upon entry.
  2. All media are to work with the CDC staff to take your temperature on-site, and complete a self-declaration form.
  3. All media are required to use TraceTogether (either app or token) through the course of distribution.
  4. All media should keep a safe distance of 1 metre from the resident, wear a face mask and frequently sanitise hands.
  5. All media are to be accompanied by staff from the CDC Corporate Communications team for all media activities.


Contact Persons for Media

Charlene Koh (Ms)

Assistant Manager (Corporate Communications)

North West Community Development Council

Tel     : 6248 5553

HP     : 9125 4461



Melvin Tai (Mr)

Senior Manager (Corporate Communications)

North West Community Development Council

Tel     : 6248 5545

HP     : 9789 1824



  1. Annex A – Programme for WeCare @ North West – Service Week’s Media Site – Nee Soon South
  2. Annex B - Quotes from Grassroots Advisers at Non-media Sites
  3. Annex C – Resident Profiles
  4. Annex D – Fact Sheet on North West CDC’s programmes
  5. Annex E – Media FAQs


About North West Community Development Council (CDC)


The Community Development Councils (CDCs) were established to build a tightly-knit, compassionate and self-reliant community. North West CDC works closely with various community and corporate partners to strengthen Singapore’s social fabric; and encourages the more able and successful to come forward to help the less successful, and to foster greater sense of community ownership and self-help among the residents.


We strive to align our activities and efforts with our mission:

(a) Assisting the needy

To help the less fortunate through local assistance programmes


(b) Bonding the people

To bond the community through projects & programmes to bring them closer to one another


(c) Connecting the community

To develop strategic partnerships with corporate and community partners to better serve our residents


The North West District comprises Holland-Bukit Timah GRC, Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC, Nee Soon GRC, Sembawang GRC and Bukit Panjang SMC.


Annex A


Launch of WeCare @ North West – Service Week (Nee Soon South)


Saturday, 4 December at

Blk 510A Yishun St 51 Singapore 761510








Media arrival



Arrival of Mayor Mr Alex Yam



Arrival of Grassroots Adviser Ms Carrie Tan



Short Address by Ms Carrie Tan & Group Photo


Start of Distribution



End of Distribution



Media Doorstop (on request)


End of Programme

















Annex B


Quote from Local Grassroots Advisers (Subject to changes, please check with media officers before publishing)


  1. Attending Service Week for the second time as Adviser to the Zhenghua Division, Mr Edward Chia says “It was a meaningful experience as I joined the team of volunteers for the first time at WeCare @ North West – Service Weeks in the beginning of the year to support the vulnerable residents in our community. I hope Service Weeks can continue to help provide relief to their daily needs throughout the year.”



  2. Minister Ong Ye Kung, Minister for Health and Adviser to Sembawang GRC Grassroots Organisations says “I thank NWCDC and the donors for their assistance.  The residents are deeply appreciative. This year, residents can even custom make their care packs.”



  3. Having participated in the campaign several times, Minister Lawrence Wong, Minister for Finance and Adviser to Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC Grassroots Organisations says, “WeCare @ North West - Service Weeks has become a regular feature in our Limbang community outreach. I’m heartened to see the volunteers and corporate partners come together in contributing resources to support the vulnerable in the community. This strong spirit of volunteerism and volunteerism will enable us to emerge from the pandemic as a more cohesive and inclusive society.”

Annex C

Resident Stories


Profile 1:


Staying optimistic with help from the community

Mdm Normahani, 31, resident of Nee Soon South


Having eight children to care for during the pandemic was no easy feat, a statement Mdm Normahani would attest to. Juggling childcare responsibilities, school closure and the shift to Home-Based Learning, Mdm Normahani had no choice but to reject a job offer which would have supplemented her household income. This meant that her husband, who was recently employed, shouldered the role as the sole breadwinner of the family.


Despite these challenges, Mdm Normahani maintained an optimistic outlook, and remained grateful to the help that the community had rendered her during her family’s toughest times. Through the home improvement services as part of the WeCare @ North West – Service Weeks programme held in January 2021, her family received several foldable mattresses for her children to sleep on, a much-preferred alternative to the carpet which previously served as the bed. During the same event, she also received a care pack comprising food items for her family.


With the announcement of the We Care @ North West Service Week happening on 4 Dec 2021, Mdm Normahani selected 8 household items that she urgently needed at home. The customisability was a feature that she very much appreciated, as it allowed her to choose what she needed most.


Profile 2:


Customising to match her needs

Mdm Yuan, 70, resident of Nee Soon South


Mdm Yuan is a retiree who lives alone in a rental unit, having separated from her husband. She currently depends on her monthly CPF payout for her living expenses. During her free time, she is on the lookout for health and wellness activities in the vicinity, so that she could stay active and keep fit.


Mdm Yuan benefitted from the annual WeCare @ North West – Service Weeks programme held in January 2021, where she has received food items including rice, cooking oil, biscuits, and other dry rations. She is thankful to the North West CDC for providing her with necessities to meet her daily needs. “The care pack from North West CDC is very useful – as I love to cook, I was able to use most of the rations to cook my favourite dishes to share with friends.”


When asked about the distribution of household necessities on 4 Dec 2021, she added “As I’m not working, having another distribution in the year helps me save some expenses. I also like that I can select the items I need.” Mdm Yuan shared that the cleaning items which she selected would come in handy, as she enjoyed returning to a clean and tidy home.