Press Release 05 Jan 2023




900 corporate and community volunteers join hands with the North West CDC to prepare food packs for needy residents



                     North West Community Development Council (CDC), with the support from 900 corporate and community volunteers, is mid-way through the first-ever series of Pop-Up Markets for low-income residents, under the WeCare @ North West – Service Weeks+ programme. Popping up across 14 North West Divisions from December 2022 to January 2023, the CDC’s volunteers have come together in full force to contribute their time and resources to provide more support to residents in-need, including setting up and running the Pop-Up Market, playing “shopping assistants” to help residents in selecting food items, and supplementing with additional home improvement items and vouchers. Displaying strong community spirit, the CDC and its volunteers’ combined efforts have made it possible to bring forward the distribution cycle, from initially ending in Mar 2023 to completion by mid-January 2023, just in time to spread festive cheer and uplift the spirits of residents.   


2                   Determined to serve the needy and make a difference to needy residents in its backyard is Leong Guan Food Manufacturer Pte Ltd (Leong Guan), a new corporate partner which is based in the North West District. The company not only rallied its management team to volunteer at the Pop-Up Market, but also sponsored 700 packets of fresh yellow noodles and kway teow, giving residents living at Nee Soon Link Division a heartwarming gift perfect for a family meal.



3        WeCare @ North West – Service Weeks+ will benefit some 8,000 needy households under the Public Rental Scheme and North West Division’s local welfare schemes, easing their financial stress and defraying household expenses. Residents can also personally shop at the Pop-Up Markets and share the festive joy with the volunteers, whose contributions and regular volunteers have become a feature of the programme. Mr Alex Yam, Mayor of North West District says, “Their energy and passion for helping the needy made it possible for us to bring forward the food distribution efforts, from the initially planned January 2023 to March 2023 cycle, to December 2022 and January 2023 instead, in time for the Chinese New Year celebrations. We are grateful for their commitment, and hope that this little gesture will spread festive cheer as well as put a smile on the faces of our needy residents in the North West District.”



4                   Joining the distribution efforts at Nee Soon Link Division on Sunday, 8 January 2023, volunteers from Leong Guan and youths from the North West Youth Assembly will be helping to set-up and operate the pop-up market on the day. It was a new type of volunteering experience for Leong Guan’s Mr Kevin Lim (林泽荣), Head of Strategy & Insights says, “It is our privilege to be able to share our products with residents who are in need. No one should go hungry; we hope that this small gesture can spread the festive joy with the residents and keep them motivated for the new year. Being involved in a Pop-Up Market concept is an interesting way of volunteering our time. We are excited to interact with the residents directly and better understand how we can help them in the future.”



5                   Aside from Leong Guan, 10 other corporate and community partners will also be contributing home improvement items and vouchers at various sites. Additional assistance such as vouchers and home improvement items ranging from furniture to electric appliances such as cabinets, bedframes and washing machines amounting to $33,000 in total, will provide urgent assistance for over 1,000 households.



6                   The CDC’s enabler role has given many partners the opportunity to give back to the community. Through Service Weeks+, corporate partners are invited to adopt a block and serve the needs of the residents between two to four times a year. Responses have been overwhelmingly positive, with majority of them volunteering to serve at least two times a year.



7                   Nee Soon Link resident, Mdm Amirah is one of the beneficiaries to receive the new customised care pack. As Mdm Amirah’s husband works long hours, she only works part-time, twice a week, to supplement the household income while caring for her two young children. Her family of four have stayed in their rental unit for almost two years and have benefitted from several assistance schemes, including WeCare @ North West Service Weeks. They also receive $80 food aid vouchers each month. Mdm Amirah says, “The additional support from North West CDC is good for our family. Previously we received the food pack once a year, but now that it is on a quarterly basis, I can save even more in the new year. With the savings, I can purchase other essential items for my children.”



8                   Service Weeks+ was officially launched on 10 December 2022 and the first quarterly distribution will conclude on 15 January 2023. 8,000 needy households including those living in public rental units and under local welfare schemes will benefit from self-selected food packs and for some, home improvement items and services, as well as additional vouchers to defray some living expenses. The next distribution will run in April to June 2023, following a quarterly timeline. Corporate and community partners may vary for each run, depending on how frequently they have committed to support the programme.



Media Invitation

Media is invited to WeCare @ North West – Service Weeks+ at Nee Soon Link Division on 8 January 2023. A media doorstop with spokespersons, including corporate volunteers and residents of the public rental units, could be arranged. See below for details of the media site.


WeCare @ North West – Service Weeks+ (Nee Soon Link)



Sunday, 8 January 2023

Media arrival:



Blk 461A/B Yishun Ave 6 S760461


Mr Derrick Goh


Adviser to Nee Soon GRC GROs (Nee Soon Link)


Contact Persons for Media

Charlene Koh (Ms)

Manager (Corporate Communications)

North West Community Development Council

Tel      : 6248 5553

HP      : 9125 4461



Melvin Tai (Mr)

Senior Manager (Corporate Communications)

North West Community Development Council

Tel      : 6248 5545

HP      : 9789 1824




  1. Annex A – Media Programme for WeCare @ North West Service Weeks+
  2. Annex B – Fact Sheet on WeCare @ North West Service Weeks+ and Club-100 @ North West
  3. Annex C – List of Food Items
  4. Annex D – Chinese Translations of Key Terms
  5. Annex E – Media FAQs (appended separately)


About North West Community Development Council (CDC)

The Community Development Councils (CDCs) were established to build a tightly knit, compassionate and self-reliant community. North West CDC works closely with various community and corporate partners to strengthen Singapore’s social fabric; and encourages the more able and successful to come forward to help the less successful, and to foster greater sense of community ownership and self-help among the residents.


We strive to align our activities and efforts with our mission:

(a) Aggregator of Needs and Resources

To help the less fortunate through local assistance programmes


(b) Builder of Capabilities and Capacities

To bond the community through projects & programmes to bring them closer to one another


(c) Connector of Communities

To develop strategic partnerships with corporate and community partners to better serve our residents


To achieve our mission, North West CDC continues to build programmes to provide support to residents under four key pillars:


  1. Uplifting the Community

    To support for residents through local assistance schemes and encourage self-reliance and empower residents to improve their lives and employability.


  2. Promoting Health and Wellness

    Through a range of healthy living programmes, we hope for our North West residents to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, and join our health and wellness movement.


  3. Advocating Green Living

    Working towards a sustainable future, we aim to imbue a green mindset and spark behavioral change among residents. Through various green initiatives, residents are encouraged to adopt green habits starting from the simplest actions.


  4. Enabling partnerships and Volunteerism

We will play our enabler role in connecting our community and corporate partners’ resources and volunteerism, to serve the various needs in the community.


The North West District comprises Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC, Nee Soon GRC, Sembawang GRC, Holland-Bukit Timah GRC, and Bukit Panjang SMC.


Annex A



for WeCare @ North West – Service Weeks+ (Nee Soon Link)


Sunday, 8 January 2023 at

Blk 461A/B Yishun Ave 6 Singapore 760461






Media arrival


Arrival of Grassroots Adviser (GRA) Mr Derrick Goh


GRA and corporate volunteers to engage residents during selection at Pop-Up Market



Media doorstop (on request)


End of Programme








Annex B

Fact Sheet


About WeCare @ North West – Service Weeks+


In the lead-up to the care Lunar New Year every year, North West CDC will connect corporate and community volunteers, Social Service Agencies (SSAs) and Grassroots Organisations (GROs) to volunteer their time and expertise to help beneficiaries living under the Public Rental Scheme within the North West District.


In 2022, the programme has been enhanced to provide more regular assistance. WeCare @ North West - Service Weeks+ will provide more support to needy residents through i) quarterly distributions across the year, ii) expanded pool of beneficiaries to include residents under local welfare schemes who are not living in public rental units, and iii) provide element of choice for residents to customise their own food packs online, or selecting at a pop-up market during distribution day.


Volunteers from corporates and schools will work together to run a Pop-Up Market and assist residents to select their preferred food items. Some corporate partners will also go the extra mile to provide home improvement services, while others may also top-up the care packs with additional items for residents.


More than 163,820 residents have benefitted from WeCare @ North West – Service Weeks since 2014. Over the years, the meaningful campaign has gained traction with partners and the entire endeavor would have been impossible to sustain without their support. Over 1,700 schools, corporate and community partners have come forward to support the campaign. The initiative is supported by Club-100 @ North West and the North West Food Aid Fund (see below for more details of the schemes).


About Club-100 @ North West


Club-100 @ North West is the North West CDC’s flagship philanthropic club, which was formed by a community of passionate do-gooders who wanted to give back to vulnerable residents in the North West District. Members of the club contribute a minimum of $100 monthly, which goes entirely towards the North West Food Aid Fund, comprising various food support schemes. To date, there are nearly 700 members in the Club.

Annex C

List of Food Items



Annex D

Key Translations


North West Community Development Council (CDC)

西北社区发展理事会 / 西北社理会

WeCare @ North West – Service Weeks+


Club-100 @ North West


North West WeCare Fund


North West District


Mr Alex Yam
Mayor of North West District
Adviser to Yew Tee GRC GROs


Assisting the Needy


Connecting the Community


Grassroots Organisations


Pop-Up Market


Home Improvement Services


Mr Derrick Goh

Adviser to Nee Soon GRC GROs



Leong Guan Food Manufacturer Pte Ltd