Press Release 11 Jan 2023




North West CDC launches Little Steps @ North West programme to provide additional cash assistance to families under KidSTART Singapore



                     The North West Community Development Council (CDC) will be providing more financial support to vulnerable families with young children with a new assistance scheme – Little Steps @ North West. For a start, the programme is expected to provide immediate and targeted relief to more than 650 children aged up to six years old, living in the North West district, who are supported by KidSTART Singapore (SG). Each child will receive $500 per financial year disbursed to the parents’ and caregivers’ bank accounts. The additional cash assistance will help to relieve families’ stress from upkeeping daily expenses, thus enabling them to focus on the children’s development. (See Annex A for factsheet on the KidSTART SG’s programmes)


2.                 Little Steps @ North West will be launched on 14 January 2023 at the Singapore Zoo. The launch event will be graced by Guest-of-Honour, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Mr Lawrence Wong. He will be joined by Mr Alex Yam, Mayor of North West District, who will play host. (See Annex B for detailed media programme)



3                   North West CDC has a wide range of local assistance programmes that are designed to provide temporary relief to residents in need. Speaking on the CDC’s efforts to provide immediate and targeted assistance to vulnerable residents, Mr Alex Yam, Mayor of North West District says, “Little Steps @ North West provides a timely relief to vulnerable families, to lighten some of the burden from raising young children. The cash assistance allows families the flexibility to address some of their daily essentials, while enabling them to have more time and energy to care for their children. Little Steps @ North West represents one of the ways CDC is working towards building a resilient North West community by supporting and uplifting vulnerable residents.”



4                  Hui Sui Shan, 38, is a mother of four children, where three of them are enrolled under KidSTART SG. For her big family, household expenses do not come cheap. She says, “During these challenging times, we are grateful for the additional cash assistance that Little Steps @ North West provides. I am thankful that three of my children will receive the cash assistance, which will help us to defray expenses for the next few years. The additional financial support has also reduced my stress, allowing me to focus on caring for and supporting my children.” (See Annex C for more information on residents’ profiles)



5                   Little Steps @ North West is expected to run for at least five years, tapping on the $2 million raised from the North West CDC Rising Hope Fund through the North West Steps of Solidarity (NWSOS) fundraising campaign that was launched in 2021, to pre-emptively raise funds for CDC’s suite of local assistance schemes to help vulnerable North West residents. The Rising Hope Fund would fund the grant of $500 per child, while CDC will fund the required operational costs to maintain the programme. (See Annex E for Media FAQs)






Media Invitation

Media is invited to Little Steps @ North West Launch at the Amphitheatre at Night Safari, on 14 January 2023. CDC can assist by facilitating a media doorstop with spokespersons or resident profiles, on request. We can also provide clarifications and additional pointers as required.


See below for details of the media event.


Little Steps @ North West



Saturday, 14 January 2023

Media arrival:



Amphitheatre, Night Safari

80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826


Mr Lawrence Wong,


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance



Contact Persons for Media

Jenifer Loh (Ms)

Manager (Corporate Communications)

North West Community Development Council

Tel      : 6248 5581

HP      : 9171 9116



Melvin Tai (Mr)

Senior Manager (Corporate Communications)

North West Community Development Council

Tel      : 6248 5545

HP      : 9789 1824




  1. Annex A – Factsheet on KidSTART SG
  2. Annex B – Media Programme
  3. Annex C – Resident Profiles
  4. Annex D – Key Translation Terms
  5. Annex E – Media FAQs (separately enclosed)


About North West Community Development Council (CDC)

The Community Development Councils (CDCs) were established to build a tightly knit, compassionate and self-reliant community. North West CDC works closely with various community and corporate partners to strengthen Singapore’s social fabric; and encourages the more able and successful to come forward to help the less successful, and to foster greater sense of community ownership and self-help among the residents.


We strive to align our activities and efforts with our mission:

(a) Aggregator of Needs and Resources

To help the less fortunate through local assistance programmes


(b) Builder of Capabilities and Capacities

To bond the community through projects & programmes to bring them closer to one another


(c) Connector of Communities

To develop strategic partnerships with corporate and community partners to better serve our residents


To achieve our mission, North West CDC continues to build programmes and work with various partners to provide support to residents under four key pillars:

  1. Uplifting the Community

    To support for residents through local assistance schemes and encourage self-reliance and empower residents to improve their lives and employability.


  2. Promoting Health and Wellness

    Through a range of healthy living programmes, we hope for our North West residents to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, and join our health and wellness movement.


  3. Advocating Green Living

    Working towards a sustainable future, we aim to imbue a green mindset and spark behavioral change among residents. Through various green initiatives, residents are encouraged to adopt green habits starting from the simplest actions.


  4. Enabling partnerships and Volunteerism

We will play our enabler role in connecting our community and corporate partners’ resources and volunteerism, to serve the various needs in the community.


The North West District comprises Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC, Nee Soon GRC, Sembawang GRC, Holland-Bukit Timah GRC, and Bukit Panjang SMC.


Annex A

Factsheet on KidSTART Singapore


KidSTART Singapore Ltd (KidSTART SG) is a charity organisation which seeks to empower families to build strong foundations for their children and foster positive child development outcomes. KidSTART SG supports families on child development and journeys with their developmental progress from birth up to six years old.  It also works with partners to coordinate services for families where needed. KidSTART SG is available for Singapore citizen children from families with a gross monthly household income of $2,500 and below or per capita income of $650 and below.


KidSTART Singapore focus on early childhood development

Scientific evidence shows that 90% of a child’s brain is developed by the age of five and that early childhood experiences shape their development. As such, KidSTART Singapore looks to foster positive child development outcomes amongst children from families with less resources. In providing support early, we seek to narrow any developmental gap between them and their peers.


Adopting a child-focused and family-centric approach, KidSTART Singapore integrates support with ComLink to provide tiered interventions based on a family’s needs. Engagements with families could be fortnightly or monthly, or in the home 1-1 or a group setting. As parents are a child’s first teachers, we journey with parents to equip them with parenting knowledge and teaches them the practical knowhow on engaging their children to stimulate their growth. Parents are guided to nurture relationships with their children, support their age-appropriate development and care for their health and social well-being.


A KidSTART practitioner journeys with a family and their children. They guide parents by sharing child development and parenting strategies using evidence-based practices. If needed, practitioners will also work with partners to link them up with other resources like social or early intervention services and financial support to ensure their needs are addressed holistically. Besides guidance on child development, the KidSTART practitioner regularly screens the children to ensure they are achieving their developmental milestones, and checks on maternal well-being.




An Ecosystem of Support: Programme Components and Partnerships

KidSTART SG works with a strong ecosystem of partners with multidisciplinary competencies in the areas of childhood development, health, and social services to provide a more holistic support system for families. These include partners from the hospitals, preschools, and social service agencies. Full list of KidSTART SG partners here.


Through the Growing Together with KidSTART initiative, KidSTART SG also involves corporates and individuals to foster community support and sustained giving to KidSTART children and families through regular contributions or volunteering opportunities. Contributions go towards supporting KidSTART families in the provision of items such as milk, diapers, learning resources and transport costs. Click here for more information on Growing Together with KidSTART.


KidSTART SG welcomes more eligible families to join the programme and the continued support of the community in giving children a good start in life.  


Click here for more information on KidSTART.



Annex B

Little Steps @ North West


Saturday, 14 January 2023 at

Amphitheatre, Night Safari








Media arrival


Start of Programme


Welcome Address by Mayor Alex Yam


Speech by GOH, DPM Lawrence Wong


Launch of Little Steps @ North West


GOH and Mayor to join participants at the Singapore Zoo


Media Doorstop (on request)


End of Programme






Annex C

Resident Profiles



Mis Eriana Binte Mohammad Isa, 25

Mis Eriana, a mother of four children, was referred to KidSTART SG one year ago, when she was pregnant with her youngest child. As a low-income family, they rarely get the chance to go on learning trips as a family to places such as the Singapore Zoo. The launch of Little Steps @ North West gives the family the opportunity to foster stronger ties as a family and bond with other beneficiaries, which will benefit their children’s development and well-being.


Having just resigned from her job to focus on caregiving, the additional cash assistance from Little Steps @ North West will also be helpful for Mis Eriana and her family as she will be able to purchase essential items for her one-year-old child.



Shalini Devi d/o Manisagram, 37

Shalini is a housewife with four children, with two of them aged 5-year-old and below. She was previously an infant care teacher and took on part-time jobs as a nanny but eventually stopped to become a stay-home-mother to look after her young children. Her husband has also recently been unemployed, adding on to the family’s financial burden due to the sudden loss of income. Little Steps @ North West comes as an additional support and provides much welcome relief for her family. The cash assistance also helps to reduce her family’s stress, allowing them to address various necessity such as food and school items to ensure that their basic needs are met.





Annex D


Key Translation Terms


North West Community Development Council (CDC)

西北社区发展理事会 /


Little Steps @ North West

To be provided

KidSTART Singapore


North West District


Mr Alex Yam
Mayor of North West District


Aggregator of Needs and Resources


Builder of Capabilities and Capacities


Connector of Communities


Grassroots Advisers


Grassroots Organisations (GROs)

社 区 基 层 组 织

Grassroots Leaders (GRLs)

基 层 领 袖